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Cecilia Cartwright - Clairvoyant


Clairvoyance' most literal translation is 'clear seeing'. A Clairvoyant can use their senses to 'see' things beyond the natural range of human senses.

Clairvoyants can sense events which have occurred in the past, and events which may occur in the future.

Cecilia's Experience

I can help with relationships, emotions, health, wealth, happiness, work, finanaces, and any other guidance you may require.

I have enjoyed using my abilities for many years in the UK as well as regularly in Germany and other European countries. I have also worked in the Mediterranean, Australasia, and the Americas.

A true clairvoyant will only give you the truth, and show you why you have come without asking questions. I only ask your name before a reading.

Getting in touch

I give my clients, many of whom have been coming to me for years, guidance using my abilities.

I am available for meetings in person or over the phone. Please get in touch using my contact page, or use the bookings page to organise some time with me.

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